{30 Before 30} enjoy a spa day


I did it!  Time to pull out my 30 before 30 list and scratch off the first item!

Enjoy a spa day, check.

I hesitate to call it a spa day though. I should have listed “enjoy a spa treatment,” because that’s what I did. As a mother, that’s probably the most I’ll get; one hour of bliss followed by hours of hair-pulling and solo baby-wrangling. No complaints here though. I almost proposed to the masseuse once she started on my feet.

I didn’t think I had body issues, but as the time ticked closer to my appointment I realized I was becoming more and more anxious about whether or not I would need to be naked. It’s not really the idea of being nude in front of a stranger that bothers me, but silly things, like …where do I put my clothes? Will my feet stink if I don’t wear socks with my shoes? Do I need to cover specific places or will the masseuse take care of that? Jonathan assured me I wouldn’t need to be naked. I gifted him a professional massage last year right after Rivers was born, so I assumed he would know. Wrong.

I did need to get undressed, but everything turned out just fine. I wore socks, so I don’t think my feet were smelly. I threw my clothes on the floor in one folded heap, closed my eyes and enjoyed the dim, aromatic atmosphere and the far off sounds of running waters and throaty hums emanating from a tiny boom box in the corner. The only awkwardness came early on when I was checking in. I guess there must have been a little misunderstanding when I first arrived. A male stylist approached me.

“Are you ready for your wax?”

“Ah. No. I’m here for the spa treatment.”

“Oh. You’re not here for an eyebrow wax?” (Nods at my eyebrows with a slight concerned expression.)

Oh boy. I thought thick brows were in this season?

No matter. I wear my rogue German-Italian-Etc hairiness with pride.


I didn’t imagine I would check this one off so soon. Thank you Anna for being an incredible friend and pampering me!