release for 2015

We will be more successful in our endeavors if we can let go of the habit of running all the time,
and take little pauses to relax and re-center ourselves. And we’ll also have a lot more joy in living.
                                                                                                                         –Thich Nhat Hanh

Blue Ridge Mountains 2014

Last New Year I wrote a list of resolutions in my best handwriting, with a little script lettering for flair and a couple doodles to make it cute.  Fellow blogging mama, Lyssa wrote about focusing on one word for the year, so I opted to do both the list and the mantra in 2014, just for fun.

Of course the one word mantra was much more successful. It was easy to remember and flexible. I could focus on achieving it an any moment, because it wasn’t specific to one goal. It wasn’t something just to cross of a list, it became a practice.


I chose two words for 2014, mindfulness and presence. Jonathan gifted me a wrist tattoo of the Chinese symbol for mindfulness and still it was slow to learn. Often this past year the lessons came at the cost of connecting with my internet community and contributing to this space. It became easier to shut off all screens, to be a present mother and partner, rather than being more mindful of my time. I’m still learning how to juggle, and which aspect of the juggle is important. I will be a student for the rest of my life.

In the end these things matter most:
How well did you love?
How fully did you live?
How deeply did you let go?
                           – Jack Kornfield

My mantra for 2015 is release. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Frozen with Rivers, but I’m taking Elsa’s lead and letting go. Since our move I have felt severely overwhelmed by the number of the projects that need to get done and the ones that moved with us, unfinished. This year will be a release of unrealistic expectations (that often lead to disappointment, guilt and anger), unwanted possessions (that clutter our space and require our time for cleaning or moving); and unnecessary appointments (that inevitable leave us wishing for more and more time in the day).

The lessons of release sounds much like mindfulness. Told ‘ya I’ll be a student for the rest of my life.

Cheers to 2015!