oh hi.

I’m LAUREN, a former NYC pastry cook-turned-play at-home mama. My new gig isn’t that different from my old. There are still plenty of cookies involved, which is a-okay by me.  My partner, JONATHAN is a tattoo artist, an extraordinary father and human jungle gym for our handful of a toddler. He’s also an avid cyclist who taught me how to get over my fear of traffic and ride through city streets. We’re planning to do a century ride together (my first) later this year.

We started our parenting journey and this journal in NYC, far away from family but surrounded by the most loving  friends. Our son, RIVERS has more adopted aunts and uncles than he could ever wish, and is probably way too acclimated to strangers because of it. Now we reside the in the midwest where our son scoffs at riding in a car, instead preferring to walk everywhere he can so that he can say “oh hi,” to each new face.

Thank you for sharing your time with us. Feel free to drop us a line.



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