52 Rivers: a weekly photography project

Rivers-WeeklyPhoto-Poster1-4Rivers-WeeklyPhoto-Poster2-4 Rivers-WeeklyPhoto-Poster3-4Rivers-WeeklyPhoto-Poster4-4

After our baby shower, which seems like forever ago now, I was determined to put every gift to good use. Even an overstuffed fuzzy pillow with beady eyes and sad slump that inspired us to deem him “drunk teddy.” Teddy became Rivers’ weekly companion and growth comparison for this 52 weeks photo project.

What began as a whim, developed into unyielding dedication and ended with smiles. We thought we were just charting his growth, little did we know so much of his personality would shine through, until we started comparing the photos week by week. Of course it would! We just didn’t think about that when we started with a limp, confused newborn.

This project reminds us of when he started crawling, when the first teeth arrived (the amber necklace appears) and when the second set of chompers followed (causing the necklace to disappear), when we needed props to keep him still for the two seconds it takes to snap a photo and when Teddy became more like a friend than a cushion.



4 thoughts on “52 Rivers: a weekly photography project

    • Ha! Me too. I believe he was totally trying to nab “Week 25” paper (outside of the lens) from my hands here. He started getting really active and feisty by that time.

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