full circle: happy one year


One year ago today I started this blog and wrote about my little Dragon. It was the only pre-baby post. I was feeling huge at nine months, counting down the days, wholly anticipating the introduction to my baby and ready to have my body back. (Though do I really even now, still breastfeeding?)

When we nicknamed our baby Dragon he was developmentally at the stage where he resembled a lizard-like specie, caught between embryo and human. Well, that and we’re Chinese zodiac nerds who figured we could dub our lizard-looking fetus after the current animal. As time moved along he continued to live up to his name.  I blamed my heartburn on his fiery breath and kickboxing moves on the probability that he was practicing his destruction of unsuspecting villages. Maybe most of that “living up to his name” was made up in my head. Maybe it still is.

A year later he has a new name. Rivers.

Still always on the flow, yearning to touch everything and everyone. He flows with direction with a cool demeanor. His presence is calming. I love my little water dragon so much. He’s the happiest person I’ve ever met and I’m grateful everyday to share my life with him.

Here’s to another year in the blogosphere!


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