nothing like the present

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“The greatest gift we can offer anyone is our true presence.” – Thich Nhat Hanh 

Our true presence is a gift we try to offer one another each and every day. It seems easy enough, but somehow it can be difficult. There are numerous distractions in our lives that make it easy to forget. They pacify us in times of worry or stress and we procrastinate working out those feelings instead of simply facing them head-on.

As the year winds down we’ve struggled a bit more with being truly present. Or I should say, I have. The holiday season brought the usual hustle and bustle, but also some interesting news that required big decisions. I was stuck in dream-land as we waited to hear news about these decisions and… well, they fell through.

Lesson learned. Live in the present moment. Plan for the future, but don’t live in a bubble of daydreams, otherwise I may miss out on the beauty and blessings that are right in front of me.

Following fellow mama and blogger, Lyssa, I chose a word words for 2014. Mindfulness and presence are our mantras for the coming year. Reminders to turn off the screens, breathe away stresses, thoughts of work, chores etc. and instead offer ourselves to the present moment. To focus our full attention on …

the smile of our child

hearing his concerns and joys

looking each other in the eyes

sharing a full embrace

facing our burdens with right thinking

cultivating love and celebrating all aspects of our lives

As with a list of resolutions, this will be an exercise in focus and self-discipline.  I can’t just dream my life will move forward, I must be an active participant. All these things I think I knew. May I actually apply them this new year!

“Don’t just hope for the shore to come to you. If you want to cross over to there other shore, the shore of safety, well-being, non-fear and non-anger, you have to swim or row across. You have to make an effort.” -Buddha


Thank you all so much for sharing in our first blog year. We have appreciated so dearly all of the comments we’ve received and the connections we’ve made. May you all have a joyful time celebrating the new year! See you in 2014!



8 thoughts on “nothing like the present

  1. He is concentrating so hard on that wrapping paper! It’s too cute!
    And this is a lovely post. I’m sorry to hear the plans fell through, but I like to hear how you’re handling it. Happy New Year to you all and all my love!

  2. I love your words!!! Super excited for your family as you explore Mindfulness and Presence. I just chose mine today : ) Thank you for sharing your life with us out here for a whole year. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you online, and wish only that I could have known you better when we were actually going to the same university!

    • I could not agree more about getting to know you. Social media can be a blessing too. Happy New Year to your special family! I look forward to reading about all the adventures in store for you all this year.

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