manicured man






The job of nail clipping the baby has fallen to me, since his papa is deathly afraid of clipping more than just a nail. When Rivers was an itty bitty newborn Jonathan would file his nails very delicately. That’s when Rivers stayed put. Now he has places to go and “kiti-kats” to torment. There’s no time for the file.  Considering the way little one’s nails grow, we’re clipping every couple of days. I’m so used to the routine, the grumpy faces, the wiggles, the stretches and the moaning, I didn’t even notice Jonathan was taking photos one morning. What a pleasant surprise when I unloaded my camera card to find these.


6 thoughts on “manicured man

  1. It is so hard to do that! When the baby I’m taking care of needs a nail clipping, it’s a 2-man job! We usually try to do it while he gets his bottle as he’s not moving too much for once then! 😉 Love those shots! Your baby is really cute!
    Please check out my blog and let’s follow each other!

  2. One of my favorite photos of my partner with our kids is one of London on her lap, getting her fingernails trimmed. Now that they’re squirmy toddlers, it’s a full-on wrestling match…but we at least have a sweet moment documented. 🙂 Great photos!

  3. Your kids are so cute and precious. I’m glad we have this documented too. I never thought about this little moments, but their just as special,and as you mentioned, they won’t last. Every nail clipping day gets a little squirmier than the last. Haha

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