natural teething relief: stage 2

Thirty white horses on a red hill,
First they champ,
Then they stamp,
Then they stand still.
— a riddle by Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit


He may not yet have thirty, but eight teeth have moved in and matured his smile. It’s almost been a month now. And he’s hungrier than ever! Maybe even a little bit of a trouble-maker now as well. He has weapons and he uses them. The phrase of the day, every day, for the past several weeks has been “no bite!”

Previously I posted about his first two toof-ers and combating teething pain with the use of an amber necklace and large frozen carrot slices. Both worked amazingly until the upper teeth appeared. Obviously once the champing began, the necklace had to go. The carrot slices were also held back after an incident in which Rivers shoved an entire slice in his jaw. He peered up at me with an expression of  ‘uh-oh, now what?’ I replied with panic sweats and swiftly swept it from his mouth. Soon I replaced them with something that could melt in case he decided to test the limits again.

On a whim, while racing through the grocery store one day, I purchased ring-pop popsicle molds. They seemed like the perfect size for a little one to practice hand-coordination and enjoy a frozen treat to sooth the gums. Best investment ever! We used them all summer long. Honestly I may have been more excited about them for myself. They are ring pops after all! If and when my friends start having babies, I won’t even bother with the registry. Everyone’s getting a ring-pop popsicle mold. Watching a baby indulge on a tiny popsicle is pure cuteness. There is really nothing else necessary.

Now that weather is frigid there is no use letting the boy cover himself in frozen fruit puree. I reluctantly packed up the popsicles and replaced them with homemade frozen bagels. I’m a fan of the edible teething toys. They disappear, which is perfect for a small apartment. Plus they serve two purposes, function and filler. Belly filler. It’s been quite some time now since my little man has looked up at me to rescue him from a bite bigger than he can chew. I may think his bites are too big, but he’s proving to me more and more each day what he’s capable of. I made bagels as teething toys. I didn’t actually expect he would eat them entirely!



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