sound the alarm


My little son definitely has some sort of monitor device attached to me, I just know it. He roars anytime his father attempts to cozy-up to me for alone time or whenever I pull up the blog page to add a post. It’s a miracle that I am able to write at this moment without the usual bells sounding off to rouse the hibernating bear.

Writing during the day is some sort of joke anymore. He’s active. Highly active. Wires, lights and buttons beware!

He doesn’t walk yet, but he climbs like a little monkey on just about everything. How that works, I’m not quite certain. I walked in on him the other day using a toddler-size rocking chair as a ladder to climb up a hutch. One leg dangerously rocking on the seat, the other on the chair’s arm and both hands awkwardly grasping a corner of the tall wooden cabinet. His eyes were glued to a bright orange ball of yarn. Even after I called his name and rushed to spot him they stayed glued to his target. I’d anticipated the ball would be two baby leg warmers now, but this month has been quite busy for us.

I’m strategically  working on a catch-up post, but it will take a couple more days.  Just want to tell you that we’re back online and…Happy Halloween!

This was us one year ago. Twenty-thirteen photos to come!©fourwoodthinking


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