adventures in NYC


Playing tour-guide in our hometown is one of my favorite pastimes. Actually with a camera in-tow I probably look more like a tourist than anyone else, but wearing that hat every now and then is good for perspective and appreciating the local flair for what it is. I’d never tailored a city adventure for a thirteen year old before, but what I learned is that it’s pretty much on-point with my interests too.

…we dodged fine-dining for award-winning street grub, so that we could wear whatever we wanted and picnic in the grass on the waterfront. No reservations needed, just an appetite.

…the mandatory NYC art museum tour was a lego exhibit. Modern art and replicas which we could relate. All the work was completed by Nathan Sawaya, one fella who has taken the plastic toy to a whole new level. I was in total awe at this guy’s talent. I can’t imagine creating anything with legos beyond little villages.

…our colorful neighborhood gem, an old factory building turned graffiti display. The scenery is constantly transforming and only created by permitted artists, which means the area is preserved from inappropriate tagging. It’s free to visit, but some of the works can only be viewed from the train.

My brother is a pretty chill guy, so judging by his simple, “Yeah, that’s neat,” I hopefully hit the bull’s eye with the tour this week.


dumbo-alley copy


lego-scream copy



fivepointz-walk copy




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