milestones all around


I’ve been away from the computer and my camera (for the most part) the last couple weeks in order to work on a very important project- a wedding cake. One with a somewhat ghoulish theme. The men in my family have some exciting upcoming events. One brother is getting married, one has a Navy graduation and the youngest is turning thirteen! My own boy has been caught standing on his own recently, just for a handful of seconds before he bounces back down to his tush. Long enough that I wouldn’t be surprised if he hits the dance floor on his own during the reception.

The soon-to-be thirteen year old is visiting tomorrow. Taking his first ever flight, solo, and staying for a week. Since I’ll have a special helper around the house, I’ll be sure to add more posts. The five minute catnaps Rivers keeps doing seem to have no ill effects on his bedtime, but they’re killing my daily dose of alone time.

I  thought that wouldn’t happen until toddler days. hmmm…


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