little projects






We’re not hiding, I promise. But it does seems as though we’ve been MIA the last couple weeks. Just a few writings here and there, mostly recipes. Rivers is going through a new stage where he thinks he’s the Energizer Bunny. Naps are few and far between, and when they occur, I have been active on other tasks.

–bringing the outdoors in with colorful pillows.

–ordering prints and sending out greetings.

–sharpening kitchen tools and oiling baby spoons.

–mending the ever-unwrapping kitty post.

–refurbishing old to new for Rivers’ nursery corner.

Of course when he wakes, the party begins again.

Let me know what you’re doing. Leave me a link. My RSS feed is so…forgotten at this point. I’d love to read and catch up.


One thought on “little projects

  1. I know this is crazy because of all the beautiful pictures you have on this post, but I zero’d in on the papermate pen…hehe! That is my favorite pen in medium point and they are almost impossible to find in Oklahoma. I am soooo jealous! Adorable black and white of the baby with the hat!

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