this moment: reflection

  {this moment} – A Friday ritual inspired by SouleMama


You are welcome to share a link to your moment.


15 thoughts on “this moment: reflection

    • Lyssa,
      I love your moment this week. Having trouble commenting on your site this morning though. 😦

      I want to see Harmony’s reaction once she gets a little visitor flying in for a treat! Keep the camera ready…

      Have a lovely weekend my friend! I’ll check in again soon to reattempt a comment on your page.

      • Not sure why the comments aren’t working on my site… hmm.

        Harmony LOVES it when the birds come by! She has a friend chipmunk who waits on a low wall in our yard every morning for us to put out the birdseed. He/she always runs over as soon as the seed is out. I’ve not yet been able to capture a picture of the chipmunk in action, yet!

    • Blogger hates me today and won’t let me post comments. 😦

      Thanks for visiting. Hope the pooch just had a well-check and that everything is okay. Enjoy your weekend.

  1. Peepo! I love babies’ expressions when they see themselves in a mirror – so very confused to find another baby close by without noticing! A lovely moment to treasure.

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