beet-ginger juice


A little over a year ago, when I thought I was coming down with a cold, a friend gave me a glass of a new juice he was testing for a bar. Despite the fact that I’ve gone my entire life detesting beets, I drained my glass to  boost my immune system and avoid being impolite. As it turned out, I did not have a cold. I was just newly pregnant, but the juice was the perfect antidote for a queazy stomach. I actually craved it throughout my pregnancy! The juice for the bar evolved into a pineapple-ginger-beet concoction, but the original glass is still my favorite. Very simple, fiery yet sweet.

Juicing is all about personal taste, so following a recipe seems funny to me. Also, so much depends on the ripeness and size of the produce. I usually juice everything in individual containers and mix according to taste, always leaving extra ginger for my glasses since Jonathan prefers a sweeter drink. Whatever is leftover, I’ll freeze for another recipe. Since the juicer is a chore to clean and I’m a busy mama, I don’t make this fresh for every cup. I juice an entire pitcher-full that will last for the week.

Ginger is amazing for settling stomachs and relieving headaches, while beets detox the bloodstream.  It’s easy to over-do it with beet juice. A little bit goes a long way, but too much can cause dizziness. A half glass by itself or diluted with water is perfect.

Beet-Ginger Juice
Makes about 7 cups

4 cups apple juice, about 2-3 large mutsu apples or 3-4 large granny smith
3 cups beet juice, about 4-5 medium beets
2-4 Tablespoons ginger juice, about 2-4 inches ginger root

Quarter apples and beets then put through a juicer. Feel free to use beet greens as well. Set aside.

Peel ginger with a spoon or knife, then grate. Squeeze pulp through a cheese cloth or tea strainer to separate liquid. (Ginger is very dense and fibrous, which can significantly reduce the life of a juice machine. Sometimes with a crying baby and little time I take my chances, but that’s my warning.)

Strain apple juice and beet juice, unless you prefer the foam that accumulates at the top. Blend juices to taste.



{Mama’s makin’ beet juice, while baby makes his own beat on a homemade drum.}



4 thoughts on “beet-ginger juice

    • Luckily he hasn’t figured out how to open the cabinet. I helped with the drum set-up to busy him while I juiced. Unfortunately he discovered the cat’s bowl soon after.

    • Oh yes! While I worked at a raw-vegan restaurant, my coworkers and I would do ginger shots at the slightest ill feeling. Natural remedies are amazing.

      Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.

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