a box and a baby hat


To commemorate the finish of the Tour de France I tested my sewing skills again on a cycling cap for Rivers. Since birth he’s been watching, or rather sleeping through, bike races in papa’s arms. The Tour de France was probably the first race our little man actually showed interest. I guess it was a combination of quick camera cuts of road race to and from breathtaking scenery and those bright fast-moving jerseys. Throw in a few crashes, papa jumping up with a mix of excitement and concern, and watching the Tour must be like a show and dance. What six month old wouldn’t think that’s fun? Maybe next year, after a season of practice, I’ll get gold fabric for a champion cap.  For now, old ties and scrap pieces work just as well.

It’s been so hot lately, we’ve barely done anything the past couple weeks, but embrace our air conditioner. Usually I would brush off this weather and continue about my business, but with a baby in tow I’m not so sure about that. It’s not a good idea to start a battle with the sun. Instead we’re on the living room floor every day, cutting teeth and learning to crawl. Still trying new foods and humoring this mama by posing with props for the camera. I can’t believe I’m turning into the mama who puts her baby in a box for a photo. Must be the heat! What else can we do but have fun making pictures and sewing hats?  Rivers is only now learning how to sit up, so a kiddy pool (aka an old tub) may still be out of reach this summer. Thank goodness it’s cooling down somewhat so we can get out and go on adventures.



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