in limbo

I began this blog with hesitation, worked through it, but it’s back. I avoided posting anything recently in an effort to organize my feelings and do what I think is best for our family, but I’m still in limbo.

This week I found one of my photos of Rivers reposted to another site without my consent. There were no tags, I just happened to come across it. I was flabbergasted. I don’t know why. These days just about anyone can take a screen shot, crop with an app and repost within seconds. Luckily the photo had been reposted by a friend, so a quick message and it disappeared, but my concern didn’t. In fact the hesitation and worry I had about beginning this blog cropped right back to the surface. If someone I love and trust would repost my photo without my prior knowledge, who else might do the same thing? Is this blog, or posting on any social network, worth risking the privacy of my son?

I’ve been reading parent blogs since I can remember, long before my own baby was even a thought in mind. It was a privilege to be invited to someone’s family, read about humorous moments, learn crafts and swap recipes for the dinner table. Starting a blog about my own little growing family seemed natural, especially considering our closest set of parents live about 650 miles away and I knew they would all like to see regular updates.  Reservations were present, but the benefits of chronicling our aha moments and connecting with fellow parents outweighed worry. In the back of my mind, I still believe it does. This space has forced me to write cohesive stories and thoughts about my motherhood experience because I know someone else may read it, unlike the jumbled single-sentence snippets in my personal journal. Should I simply put more restrictions on posting photographs?

I know parents who post daily snap-shots all over the internet, and I meet regularly with a mother who has never posted a single picture of her child, nor does she allow anyone else to do so. I respect both sides of the spectrum and believe both types of parents are equal in the love and protection they have for their babies. But I’m still in limbo. I don’t want to quit posting because someone burst my bubble. If I continue to post stories and photos, I may eventually face reposts by strangers. Then conversations will go from awkward to heated. Is it worth it? It’s tough to be a mother. I thought I questioned everything before. Ultimately I need to wrestle with this issue until a decision is reached.

Anyone have good advice?


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