by the sea shore



Within one month and one week, we managed to visit all three sets of grandparents and all seven aunts and uncles.  Despite sitting, or sleeping on my lap, this kid should totally be able to earn sky miles now. He definitely flirts enough with flight attendants!

Our most recent adventure took place on an island in South Carolina. My brother was recently accepted into the Navy Seals program and is set to leave next month for training. Before he does, our parents decided to rented a lovely beach house and gather us together for a family vacation. We had a breath-taking view of the grassy dunes and the sea shore from the back deck. Pelicans routinely flew over the house and two young bucks made our acquaintance daily before hunkering down in the reeds and brush during the hottest hours. Jonathan and I found two sharks, one of which my father bravely caught with his bare hands from a tide pool, then released into the receding sea. It was a toothless sand shark pup that I mistook initially for a fish, but what the heck, a brave catch none-the-less. I on the other hand, chose to watch Jonathan video a little hammerhead at a safe distance while I engaged crabs and starfish with my camera.


fossil copy






crab,jpg copy





4 thoughts on “by the sea shore

  1. Awesome photos! Wow, makes me miss the east coast in the summer… sniff sniff… My husband and I have been in Australia for 5 years, so we’re not exactly so bad off, but the east coast in the summer does have a certain feel 🙂

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