baby’s first oatmeal


Sometimes I wonder if I overdo the photography with my little boss. But he’s so animated, all I have to do is make a few frames and each one is so profoundly different. I’m amazed by my position in life now, watching a stationary infant evolve into a rolling, talkative miniature human! I watch his growth with delight, while he studies me inquisitively. More often Jonathan and I can tell that Rivers wants so earnestly to be more like us, especially when it comes to eating.

Still pregnant, it seemed as though the only thing that quieted the kick boxer inside me was the hum of sautéing onions. I chalked it up the possibility that my body was just more relaxed doing what I love. Now that Rivers and I have had time to become acquainted, I realize he genuinely appreciates being around food as well. Perhaps he has no interest in creating dishes, but the boy loves to touch, taste and smell every step. When he was three month old I sat next to his high-chair, watching him play with blocks, sharing a conversation. I didn’t think anything about eating a banana next to him. Before I realized what happened, Rivers nabbed the fruit and shoved it toward his mouth! That’s what I get for teasing the little monkey.

Aside from the banana incident, we’ve held off on solid (or semi-solid) foods until his body was ready, waiting mostly for his tongue to lose the safeguard of pushing all objects right back out, and the ability to sit up comfortably in the high-chair. First it was banana, since I already knew that would be a winner, avocado and then oatmeal. I made two bowls at a time, steal-cut with raisins for me, and ground oats with breastmilk for baby. Even though half of it landed on his face, I couldn’t help but get a little ahead of myself, planning his future mushy meals and thinking about all the seasonal produce at the market. One step at a time right?



Baby’s First Oatmeal
Pulse rolled oats in a blender until completely ground. Measure 1/4 cup ground oats to 3/4 cup water. Cook over the stove 8-10 minutes, whisking constantly. Add breastmilk or water until desired consistency. Allow to cool at least 10 minutes before eating.

{I stored leftovers in the fridge, up to three days and never reheated it. Rivers seemed to actually prefer the oatmeal the second and third day when it was cool. Maybe that’s just because of the summer heat, or maybe he’s getting more accustomed to eating.}





2 thoughts on “baby’s first oatmeal

  1. So exciting to enter this stage! Good luck with helping your boy enjoy many flavors : ) Our Bug decided that she would NOT eat baby food, only what we ate, so she pretty much nursed exclusively until ten months. Now she just eats what we eat, in smaller bites; I guess she’s happy! We found out later that this is called baby-led weaning.

    • No problem with that. I wish we could stick solely with breastfeeding for a bit longer, but I guess each little one is different. We’re just following his, very insistent, lead. 🙂

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