kentucky home





If only I had photographed the strawberry popsicles my friend’s dad made! I forgot how abundant they are from his garden, and how no store-bought fruit can compare to one freshly picked.

We had such an amazing time in Kentucky. These are a few summer splash photos from baby’s first swim, or float really, in the local lake and at my girlfriend’s pool. I’m playing catch-up a little bit with photo editing. You’d think Rivers and I traveled through several time zones based on how wacky our sleep schedule is these days.  We basically slept the entire first day home, and now roll out of bed well after most of the city is packed away at work. What a life, right? Slowly I’ll shift gears, get us back on track and increase my creativity by working a bit more on the blog and making sweet treats in the kitchen. Perhaps I should start with strawberry popsicles!


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