feathers and fur


Two weeks ago we walked off the plane, immediately greeted by the delicious fragrance of honeysuckle moving through the early summer humidity. Today a cool shower refreshes the air as we begin our journey home. I spent more time reflecting a bit in a journal rather than schlepping around the laptop. There was no equal time spent for reflection and being in the present moment. We lived in the present. That’s what these visits are for. Reflection will come later, when rainy days don’t bring turtles, sails and adventure, but an empty urban landscape.

Before we head off for the airport I want to post these special moments of my mama sharing the evening chores with Rivers. He learned to gather the hens into the coop for the night, collect eggs and bring the furry guards in the house for dinner. The dogs were absolutely obsessed with the little guest, always stretching for a rub or gently licking him clean. We’ll be back in October for my brother’s wedding and I’m so curious as to how Rivers will behave once he can sit up and toss a ball to those gentle giants.





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