this moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual inspired by SouleMama


You are welcome to share a link to your moment.


6 thoughts on “this moment

      • WHOA, I thought you looked familiar!! What was your major? Mine was classical guitar performance. I was on 4th Loretto when Katelyn Minnick was the floor leader.

        I came back to your blog hoping to find your “moment” for this week, so I hope you post one : ) It’s so beautifully bizarre to find connections from college on a blog halfway across the U.S.! What have you been up to since graduating? Obviously having a baby ; )

      • I’m late today. haha

        I was the RA for 2nd Maria that year. I did live on 4th Loretto as a freshman though. I agree with the “beautifully bizarre” way to connect or reconnect like this. Until a couple months ago I was a pastry cook in NYC. Certainly I miss STL.

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