flying solo with baby

Little man and I are off this morning on our first vacation together! It’s funny how the first grandchild brings out the excitement in family. We just came off of a four day visit with grandparents and an auntie, who traveled a full day by car to reunite with Rivers.  Today we’re flying to Kentucky for a two-week stay with my mama and at the end of month we may be jet-setting to South Carolina for more family love. Rivers is quite a lucky little dude. Despite the fact that we live hundreds of miles from his three sets of grandparents, they all met him within his first two months. Now that it’s vacation season, I receive request for his appearance. Well, mine too, but I wonder if it’s only because the tiny celebrity needs his milk and a chaperone.  Once he’s old enough to travel solo, I imagine he’ll be swept away on wonderful adventures with his doting family.

Initially I was apprehensive about traveling alone with an infant.  Unfortunately papa has to work. Go figure, the season people strip down to their bathing suits is also peak season for tattoo artists. My mama’s rolling out the red carpet though, and alleviating any need to lug a carseat or stroller around the airport. She’s borrowing and investing, so all I need is the baby and a carry-on.

I shouldn’t be nervous at all really. During a family emergency, Rivers’ earned his first wings at two-weeks old. He was a pro, but I was a bit of a wreck, worrying about his ears. Fortunately, our flight attendants were doting and supportive. Their advice was basic; feed him in the football hold during take-off and landing (so that both ears are exposed) and drink plenty of water during the entire flight. Now that he’s more active than a newborn, I’m so grateful to have that token in my pocket.



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