a tale of two sun hats



I may be called pastry cook, gardener, painter, wife, partner and mama. One title I may never carry is seamstress. I’m one-hundred percent sure that, had I taken home economics in high school I would have failed miserably. This morning I was filling out a survey over the phone.  When the caller asked about my occupation I told her I am currently an at-home mom.  “Oh, you’re a homemaker,” she responded.  I rolled my eyes.  I’m not annoyed.  I just don’t think I deserve the title. I imagine it to be the occupation of a pioneer woman.  One who makes a home from scratch.  Sewing curtains, using a washboard for laundry, picking dinner from the garden or the coup and cleaning the whole home with homemade solvents. I barely get the diapers from the washer to the dryer or dinner made in a day. After re-caulked the tub this week, I congratulated myself with a beer and the afternoon off. More like a lackadaisical repairman than a pioneer homemaker.

I miss working outside of the home. In the last four months, my appreciation of at-home parents and homemakers has been elevated three-fold. I’m not sure I could ever consider a job outside of the home “work” again, compared to being an at-home parent. Honestly I can’t wait to return, but in the mean time I’ll take my payment in gummy smiles and slobbery kisses. That doesn’t mean I can’t be promoted to homemaker before this career path meets its end. In an effort to qualify, I challenged my sewing abilities (or lack thereof) to a sun hat for Rivers.

My little boss and I played on the kitchen floor with bowls, measuring his head and cutting scrap fabrics. Initially I created my own pattern with a circular top, a long strip for the side and crescents for the rim. The hat ended up way too small for his baby head, so I pulled the stitches and resewed it without altering the size of the pattern. My second attempt turned out as an adult size. Ummm…

Frustrated but unable to stop laughing at my ability to make two completely different sizes from the same pattern, I decided to go with a reliable source. I found a simple style pattern and tutorial from Prudent Baby. Thank goodness for the internet and the generosity of other mamas! It totally worked! Unfortunately Rivers inherited my giant baby head, so the sunblock will only fit for a couple weeks. That means I’ll get more practice making another which is definitely needed. (There’s a reason there are no close-up photos of the stitching!) Fortunately, while I get on-the-job training, my boss is exceptionally flexible.  Anything he can put in his mouth is a prize, so he loves whatever I make. Maybe, hopefully, once he’s old enough to actually care, I’ll be a regular ole pro with the sewing machine! Until then, it’s practice, practice, practice and taking the time to enjoy these hilarious learning experiences.


If only it had been pink, I could have passed it off as Strawberry Shortcake’s cap.


Yay for the Prudent Baby pattern!



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