my first mother’s day


Every attempt I make to reflect upon my first Mother’s Day is redirected, because of my complete distraction of this chubby little hand.  For once I caught it without the usual slobbery shine! Each time I glance up, it reminds me of Rivers’ favorite song. Near the end of my eight month of pregnancy, I compiled a playlist for labor. I wanted baby Dragon to be welcomed by Ella Fitzgerald, Salt n’Pepa and everyone in between. When the time finally arrived, I didn’t want to listen to any music. There was one song I never thought to add to the list, but it found it’s way into my head.  It played over and over and I couldn’t escape it. Your Song, by Elton John. I chose a long list with such care and in the end Rivers chose his own.  I know it’s his, as he prefers it to all others even now. The Ellie Goulding version.

I did have such a lovely first Mother’s Day.  Brunch with my men, then an afternoon with the girls and Rivers on the waterfront.  Cards, flowers and and overwhelming amount of sweet greeting from family, friends and even strangers! I feel so loved.


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