twelve Rivers


Our little Dragon is three months old today! He’s quickly grown from a itty bitty one who couldn’t fit into his cloth diapers to a mini sumo wrestler.  And wrestle he does now.  My arms are getting tone from the extra weigh, and carefully supporting him from awkwardly leaping towards his feet.  While he has recently developed quite the fascination with his newly discovered appendages, he doesn’t have the coordination yet to reach them safely. Perhaps his toes will be in his mouth at an upcoming weekly photo rather than the somber “this again guys” expression (week 9).

We started out photographing him simply to compare his growth, but  I’m realizing that I continue it now more-so for the special moments during the shoot. The laughter that ensues when Rivers slowly slides away. When we can’t win his attention and he crosses his eyes to stare at his hand rather than the camera. The awkward moments when he attempts to nurse from Teddy before realizing it’s just that time of the week again.  In no other collection of photos does he appear so pensive.  It makes me laugh to know that he simply humors us through our weekly routine.



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